Conservation for peace, sustainable use and next generations the focus of World Leaders’ Conservation Forum

The World Leaders’ Conservation Forum (WLCF) 2018 will take place in Jeju from 3-5 October. 

The World Leaders’ Conservation Forum (WLCF) 2018 logo

The World Leaders’ Conservation Forum (WLCF) 2018 is a global platform, established during the 2012 IUCN World Conservation Congress, which aims to search for nature-based solutions to sustainable development and harmonious co-existence of all forms of life on Earth.

Under the central theme of working together for a sustainable future, Government, civil society and private sector experts will meet to discuss and seek creative nature-based solutions to global environment, economic and social challenges for shaping a sustainable future.

Co-hosted by the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Korea, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province and IUCN, the Forum will bring together stakeholders from across the globe to deliberate on key conservation and sustainability matters that require urgent attention.  Sessions will cover issues such as the need for cooperation and harmonisation for the sustainable use of natural resources, the role of conservation as a peace keeping and building instrument across national boundaries and the need to empower the next generations in an effort to achieve a more sustainable planet.

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