Story | 05 Apr, 2021

IUCN welcomes three new Mediterranean members

Fundación Global Nature, Panthera France and MIRACETI have just become members of the world’s largest global environmental network. The International Union for Conservation of Nature counts over 1400 Members in more than 170 countries, including States and government agencies, NGOs large and small, Indigenous Peoples' organisations, scientific and academic institutions and business associations.

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Introducing our new Mediterranean members

Fundación Global Nature

fundacion_global_naturePhoto: fundacion global nature






Based in Madrid (Spain), Fundación Global Nature is a non-profit organisation established in 1993, dedicated to nature conservation and sustainable development. Its activity is distributed over 3 main blocks:

  • Conservation of habitats and species: active work on the ground through a Territory Custody Network that has made possible to work on projects of sustainable agriculture or conservation of terrestrial ecosystems: restoration of more than 100 wetlands; conservation of steppe birds; coastal areas: marine litter and restoration of coastal dunes; research, development and innovation.
  • Sustainability of the agri-food sector: promote an efficient use of natural resources through innovation and collaboration with local communities. Promote the sustainability through the food chain.
  • Corporate sustainability: collaboration with companies in the elaboration and development of Biodiversity Action Plans.
  • Environmental education

The foundation mainly works at a national level, although it has already implemented 14 projects of international cooperation. 17 of its projects have been funded by the EU (Life, Interreg and Erasmus).

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miraceti_Photo: Miraceti




MIRACETI is born from the fusion of GECEM (Groupe d'étude des ces cetaces de Méditerrannée), GIS3M and Souffleurs d'Ecume

The main objective of the association is to improve knowledge and contribute to the preservation of cetaceans and the marine ecosystem. Their work is distributed in 5 objectives:

  • Improve knowledge of cetacean populations, their threats and the socio-economic context in which the species are integrated.
  • Disseminate knowledge to make it accessible to everyone
  • Raise awareness and involve as many people as possible on the protection of cetaceans and the environment in general
  • Bring and support conservation solutions to allow cetacean populations to be maintained in a stable or favourable state of conservation.
  • Unite the actors to bring together and mobilize a large community

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Panthera France

panthera._france.jpgPhoto: Panthera France





Panthera France is a non-profit organisation established in 2016, focusing on growing the presence of the Panthera global association throughout Europe, tapping into Europeans’ passion for wild cats, their strong affiliations with Africa, and region-wide commitments to sustainability and protection of global biodiversity.

Panthera’s mission is to ensure a future for wild cats and the vast landscapes on which they depend. Their vision is a world where wild cats thrive in healthy natural and developed landscapes that sustain people and biodiversity.

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How to become an IUCN member

31 March 2021 was the deadline for the submission of membership applications. The next deadlines are: 30 June, 30 September and 31 December 2021.

Who can become a Member?

  • States
  • Government agencies
  • Political/economic integration organisations
  • National and international non-governmental organisations
  • Indigenous Peoples' Organisations

Download the forms and access the complete information here:

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