Restoration of coastal wetlands and seagrass meadows - TRAINING WORKSHOP

April 2020 in Andalucia, Spain. Venue to be announced. Training workshop in coastal wetlands and seagrass meadows restoration, based on Blue Carbon actions


Which types of Blue Carbon actions help climate change mitigation in our littoral, while restoring coastal ecosystems?

“Blue Carbon” is the carbon absorbed and stored by marine and coastal and marine ecosystems like wetlands marshes, mangroves and seagrass meadows. The capacity of these natural ecosystems, makes them large natural carbon sinks.

This three-day workshop, is designed for environmental consultants, technicians from administrations, researchers, environmental  managers of private and public enterprises, organizations and municipalities, interested in coastal ecosystem restoration. The objective is to develop the capacity of participants in different actions, that adding to restoring and protecting these important ecosystems, serve to capture CO2, helping, therefore, to mitigate global climate change.

As a theoretical-practical workshop, it will focus on the description and development of actions for restauration of coastal wetlands and seagrass meadows that contribute to CO2 reduction.

Those interested should please send an email to Mercedes Muñoz explaining the motivation to participate in the workshop, including a brief summary of their resume. 

Application deadline: Until April 1st, 2020. Free course


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