Mediterranean Shark and Ray Conservation Meeting

Experts will gather at the workshop held on 4-7 November 2019 in Palma de Mallorca, Baleares (Spain), with the aim to review the status of sharks, rays and chimaeras in the Mediterranean region.

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Sharks, rays and chimaeras are under serious threat around the Mediterranean. At present, it is estimated that at least 53% of the sharks, rays and chimaeras native to the Mediterranean Sea are at risk of extinction and require urgent action to conserve their populations and habitats: 20 species of sharks and rays are listed critically endangered and another 18 species are also threatened.

This meeting aims to gather a broad range of experts from the region to discuss the conservation and management of these species, and ways to achieve a favourable conservation status. 
The specific objectives of the meeting are:

  • To review the status of sharks, rays and chimaeras in the Mediterranean region with regard to:
    • Commercial  fisheries and markets; 
    • Species  distribution and biodiversity;    
    • Social and economic importance (trade/commercialization; ecotourism)
  • To identify and learn management and conservation initiatives developed in the region and develop new initiatives for elasmobranch fisheries research and monitoring.
  • To review and discuss progress and difficulties in implementing conservation plans for sharks, rays and chimaeras (at international, national and regional level):
    • How to build capacity for better protection
    • How to cooperate with fisheries organizations
    • Hotspots
  • To ensure knowledge exchange and consider further needs and  options for  the  management and conservation of elasmobranchs

The workshop will also include a one day additional session to discuss the Sharks and Ray Action Plan for the Balearic Islands.

The meeting is organized by IUCN Center for Mediterranean Cooperation with the support of Marilles Foundation and the Mediterranean IUCN SSC Shark Specialist Group 

Conservation professionals, academics, NGOs and institutions working on Mediterranean sharks and rays that would like to participate in or contribute to the workshop should apply by sending an email to [email protected]. Please specify if you are interested in attending the additional session discussing the Shark and Ray Action Plan for the Balearic Islands.  

Participants wishing to present any new initiatives, approaches or projects within the scope of the meeting are kindly asked to submit a short proposal of the presentation.

Deadline for applications and submission of proposals: 20th September 2019


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