Towards a solid ‘Mediterranean Wetlands Alliance’

After a first workshop held in October 2016, in which participants discussed the potential need, added value and main focus of the creation of a possible Mediterranean Wetlands Alliance. Malaga is hosting the second Mediterranean Wetlands Alliance Meeting on June 1st, 2017.

wetland meetig

The objectives of this 2nd meeting are to discuss and refine the mission, function and organization of a possible Mediterranean Wetlands Alliance and to set up a framework in order to improve the use, management and protection of wetlands.

Through the Mediterranean Wetland Alliance, NGOs, research institutes and other organizations will work together for the conservation and sustainable management of Mediterranean wetlands. Members of the Alliance aim to influence policies and management by sharing, exchanging and jointly developing the necessary knowledge, experience, materials and skills to raise the profile of wetlands in the Mediterranean society at large and in particular in national, regional and international policy. The Alliance also strives to promote innovation and the use of best practices, serving as catalyst for change. It will also be inclusive, i.e. open to any organization or individual that signs up to the mission statement and are committed to the conservation and sustainable use of Mediterranean wetlands.

IUCN-Med is contributing to this meeting as a committee member along with Tour du Valat, MedWet, WWF North Africa and Doğa Derneği. After a brief introduction to the objectives of the alliance, the workshop will focus on 4 topics ranging form the strategy and organization to the activities that will be undertaken by the Alliance. The Alliance will also adopt to the code of conduct for its prospective members.

The workshop agenda is available here.

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