A New Website dedicated to plant conservation in the Mediterranean

A new website (available in French and English) devoted to Important Plant Areas (IPA) and plant conservation in the Mediterranean has been created within the IPAMed project (coordinated by IUCN and Plantlife and funded by MAVA Foundation).

Atlas mountains

Not only does this website gives information about the IPAMed project and partners, but it also gives the opportunity to visualize IPAs located in the IPAMed partners countries (Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, Turkey, Macedonia and Montenegro) and to explore the 2016 update of this tool.

This website will continue to be enhanced in the coming months by capitalization and overview of available data on species and habitats which has led to the designation of IPA in the partner countries of the project. Although this website is focused on IPAs of theirs countries, it is devoted to evolve to become with time, a reference website on IPA and plant conservation in the Mediterranean.

This web page is also dedicated to information sharing about habitats and rare and endemic plants conservation in the Mediterranean. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to share any information on this topic with the network.

Website : www.medplantsnetwork.net


Project description:

This project represents an ambitious initiative to develop plant conservation actions in the South and East of the Mediterranean region (including north Africa, middle east and Balkans) combining the experience and expertise of Plantlife International and IUCN.

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