IUCN welcomes 10 new members and 1 new National Committee in the Mediterranean

The IUCN Council has just validated the decision taken by its Bureau on August 16th, 2016 to approve the admission of 47 new Members and the recognition of 2 new National Committees. Among them 10 from the Mediterranean region and 1 New National Committee in Palestine. The IUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation warmly welcomes his new members from Egypt, Italy, Jordan, Morocco, Palestine and Spain.

Maro-Cerro Gordo Cliffs Natural Area ( Malaga, Spain)

Centre for Environment and Development for the Arab Region and Europe (Egypt): The Center for Environment and Development for the Arab Region and Europe (CEDARE) is an international inter-governmental organization with diplomatic status established in 1992. CEDARE's main mission is to work with countries and institutions to incorporate an economic, environmental and social balance in policies and actions, for a more innovative, people-centred, inclusive and sustainable future, ingrained in the central principle of environment and development for human well-being.
For more information: http://web.cedare.org/

Arab Network for Environment and Development (Egypt): The Arab Network for Environment and development (RAED) has been established in 1990 to create an umbrella organisation that gathers all Arab NGOs. RAED aims at developing, improving and coordinating the work of its members, to tighten bonds of cooperation between them, and to contribute in achieving the environmental and developmental integration between them.
For more information: http://www.raednetwork.org/about.html

Emergenza Sorrisi - Doctors for Smiling Children (Italy): Emergenza Sorrisi is a non-governmental organisation that works to heal sick and traumatized children in developing or subjected to war countries. One of the pillars of its activities is training, and bringing local Doctors and Nurses up to date; through their training.
For more information: http://www.emergenzasorrisi.it/en/who-we-are/

Haya Cultural Center (Jordan): Haya Cultural Center is a non-profit organization that was established for the purpose of developing the skills and the capacities of children in the fields of art and culture.
For more information: http://hcc.jo/ar

Future Pioneers for Empowering Communities' (FPEC) Members in the Environmental and Educational Fields (Jordan): FPEC is a non-profit making organization based in Amman. It specializes in empowering communities to overcome poverty through building their capacities, raising their public awareness, and promoting enterprises in the educational, environmental, health and social fields with a special focus on women, youth and marginalized groups.
For more information: http://www.future-pioneers.org/en/

West Asia - North Africa (WANA) Institute (Jordan): WANA's mission is to empower the people of West Asia and North Africa with the tools, evidence and platform needed to secure social justice, safeguard human security and promote a green economy. It also provides a platform for authentic, cooperative solutions geared towards a lasting change.
For more information: http://wanainstitute.org/en/

Association Marocaine pour la Protection de l'Environnement et le Climat (Morocco): The Moroccan Association for the Protection of the Environment and the Climate is an non-profit organization founded in 1986 based in Rabat. 
For more information: https://www.facebook.com/ASMAPEC1986/

Palestinian Livestock Development Center (Palestine): The Palestinian Livestock Development Center (PLDC) is a non-governmental organisation that has extensive experience in breeding small ruminants. It provides organizational support to farmers through various services related to animal health aimed at improving the quality of litters of ruminants and the production of livestock.
For more information: http://www.oxfamsol.be/en/partners/pldc-0

Consellería de Medio Ambiente e Ordenación do Territorio, Xunta de Galicia (Spain): The Regional Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning in Galicia is a governmental department devoted to environmental protection and nature conservation of the rich and unique natural diversity of this Spanish region.
For more information: http://cmaot.xunta.gal/

Fundación Entretantos (Spain): Entretantos is a non-profit organization founded by environmental professionals and entrepreneurs who share a common background. All these professionals are deeply interested in participatory projects as powerful and essential tools to improve land management and attain sustainability.
For more information: http://www.entretantos.org/

The IUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation warmly welcomes the above-mentioned members, as well as the recognition of the IUCN National Committee of Palestine.

For further information: Arantxa Cendoya

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