Celebrating the Fascination of plants day in the Mediterranean

The organization of Macedonian Ecological Society (MES) has organized three monitoring visits from 9 to 20 May to celebrate the Fascination of plants day in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYRM) . Young people were majority among the participants on these events. They had the opportunity to get familiar with Important Plant Areas (IPA), plant species monitoring, and to enjoy the colors of spring flowers.

Inventory of wild plants in the clearings of Q. coccifera forest

These monitoring visits were held in Ilinska Mountain IPA, in Bogdanci IPA and in Prespa Lake IPA.

In Ilinska Mountain IPA, the participants made an inventory of wild plants on a wet meadow along the Crna Reka River and learnt about riparian vegetation.

In Bogdanci IPA, a group of students from local high school, professors and other volunteers visited the habitat of Quercus coccifera forest for an inventory of wild plants.

In the Prespa Lake IPA, they visited one special locality known as Ezerani Nature Park. It is a wetland rich on different types of wild habitats and plants. The group learned more about the mosaic of habitats and plants in such small area.

This activity is part of the IPAMed project “Conserving wild plants and habitats for people in the south and east Mediterranean” which is an ambitious initiative to develop plant conservation actions in the South and East Mediterranean combining the experience and expertise of Plantlife International and IUCN.

For further information: Teresa Gil

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