Analysis of the legal frameworks on protected marine areas in Albania, Croatia and Montenegro

In cooperation between the Regional Activity Centre for Specially Protected Areas (RAC/SPA, UNEP-MAP) and the IUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation, a comprehensive assessment of the legal and institutional framework for the Marine and Coastal Protected Areas (MPAs) was conducted in three Adriatic countries Albania, Croatia and Montenegro, in 2014. The process was supervised by each country administrations and experts and all the information was validated during workshops organized in each of the countries.

Publication: Shqipëria dhe zonate mbrojtura detare, Hrvatska i Zaštićena Morska Područja and Marine Protected Areas in Montenegro

These documents provide information about the legal and policy framework for Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), including governance and management, and identify the main gaps in existing procedures and decision making process to establish MPA. Furthermore, the reports propose general recommendations to assist MPA managers and policy-makers (from national and local governments) for improvement of MPAs systems and financing sources in the three countries.

This activity was part of the MedMPANet project which aims at promoting the creation of new marine protected areas (MPAs). The Reports are available now in English and in the national language of each country.

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