From Science to Solutions: Aquatic Conservation Special Issue looks at Hawaii MPA legacy

The 4th International Marine Protected Areas Congress, currently being held in La Serena, Chile, today saw the release of the third in a series of Special Issues of the journal Aquatic Conservation:Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems presenting the outputs and latest thinking from global MPA conferences. The first Special Issue reported on the outcomes of IMPAC 3 in Marseille in 2013 and the second from the IUCN World Parks Congress in 2014.

Aquatic Conservation Special Issue 2017

This edition reports from the IUCN Congress held in Hawai’i in 2016 and contains 12 papers covering a range of topics from the development of a network of MPAs in the Russian Arctic and the development of thinking around OECMs to the implications of MPAs for aquaculture and blue carbon protection and management. For more information, please click on the featured link.

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