UN Ocean Conference Preparatory meeting, 15-16 February, New York

In June 2017, the Ocean Conference – a high-level United Nations Conference to Support the Implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 14  - will take place in New York. The world community comes together to discuss meaningful and innovative ways to CONSERVE AND SUSTAINABLY USE THE OCEANS, SEAS AND MARINE RESOURCES FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT

Ocean, our planet's 'blue heart'

The Ocean Conference will coincide with World Oceans Day and aims to be the game changer that will reverse the declining health of our oceans for people, planet and prosperity.

This week – 15 – 16 February – the preparatory meeting will also be held in New York to consider the themes for the partnership dialogues and elements for a "Call for Action" . IUCN is present to ensure the nature-based solutions are part of the world’s responses to ongoing pressures and overuses of our coastal and marine environments.

IUCN released an Information Brief highlighting IUCN’s engagement towards the implementation of the SDG 14 goals.

IUCN also developed a specific Information Brief describing how nature-based solutions to climate change adaptation and mitigation in coastal and marine environments are win-wins to tackle climate change (Goal 13) while supporting sustainable development.

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