Tata Power and CGPL staff visit Gir National Park

From IUCN organised an exposure visit for Tata Power and CGPL staff to Gir National Park in Sasan, Gujarat from 9-10 June 2017. The objective of the visit was to develop participants understanding on biodiversity and ecosystem services by providing them first-hand experience inside the forest.

Exposure visit participants from Tata Power and CGPL

The visit consisted of two class room sessions, before and after the field visit. The class room session before the field visit focused on the basics of biodiversity and ecosystems with special emphasis on what one should look for during the trip. The class room session after the field visit focused on the identification of species sighted during the trip and the ecosystem services they provide. Dr Justus Joshua, Director of the Green Future Foundation (an IUCN member) shared his experience on biodiversity and ecosystem services during the workshop. Vipul Sharma, Programme Officer at IUCN facilitated the entire visit in collaboration with Gujarat Forest Department.

In total 18 participants attended the visit from different departments of Tata Power and CGPL including Mr KK Sharma, Executive Director of CGPL.

The exposure visit has been very successful so far in changing the attitude of people towards the importance of biodiversity. The group has also created a Whatsapp biodiversity group and started sharing the photographs on flora & fauna they sight every day.   

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