Story | 04 Jun, 2021

Teaming up for technical assistance on forest landscape restoration

On the eve of the launch of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, a new demand-responsive technical facility to help countries accelerate forest landscape restoration is on the horizon. IUCN, WRI and WWF are partnering on a fresh approach to help countries implement restoration through the creation the Forest Landscape Restoration Implementation Hub.

Making landscape restoration a reality and ensuring its long-term success is a complex task with many moving parts. To usher restoration toward action, many governments would benefit from additional technical know-how. The Forest Landscape Restoration Implementation Hub (FLR Hub) is intended to provide responsive financing and technical assistance with the goal of accelerating restoration progress. Currently in its planning phase, the hub is the result of a new partnership among International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), WWF and World Resources Institute (WRI), in consultation with and supported by the German Government (BMU-IKI).

The FLR Hub will catalyse and facilitate action on-the-ground in selected countries by working with their governments, companies and others who have clear land management responsibilities. In addition to unblocking bottlenecks within established national restoration processes, and in order to accelerate emerging and promising country-driven opportunities, the hub will operate a demand-driven rapid response mechanism that takes advantage of strategic opportunities to accelerate implementation.

The FLR Hub will mobilise resources, track restoration processes, and equip targeted countries with technical capacity, enhance knowledge and provide information. It will help achieve global, regional and national restoration targets that demonstrably generate associated benefits for food security, biodiversity, the climate, job creation and rural poverty alleviation.

The FLR Hub will be an important contribution to the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration (2021-2030), anchoring technical assistance to progress on the ground. Envisioned to be fully functional by the beginning of 2023, preparations for the FLR Hub are now under way.

Demand-responsive technical assistance for restoration is on the horizon and will allow us to meet countries where they are along their road to restoration.

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