Innovations in forest landscape restoration to top agenda at Bonn Challenge roundtable

March 16-17, Foz do Iguacu, Parana, Brazil will host prominent restoration leaders from around the world to move the Bonn Challenge agenda into the next chapter along the path to its 350 million hectare restoration goal. 

several water falls and lots of green trees everywhere. sky above

Seven years ago, the young Bonn Challenge global aspiration firmly placed forest landscape restoration (FLR) onto the international stage. Today it is the world’s foremost restoration initiative with 47 governments and organisations already signed on to bring 160.2 million hectares into restoration. Momentum continues to build toward the Bonn Challenge target to bring 150 million hectares of degraded and deforested lands into restoration by 2020 and at least 350 million hectares by 2030.

In lockstep with this momentum, the third international high-level Bonn Challenge roundtable in Brazil will focus on “Local to International Innovations in Forest Landscape Restoration.” While the first Bonn Challenge international roundtable agreed on the initial global goal of bringing 150 million hectares into restoration, and the second roundtable a few years later brought forth the regionalisation of initiatives in support of the Bonn Challenge (regional roundtables, AFR100, Initiative 20x20, the Agadir Commitment and Kigali Declaration), the third international roundtable will focus on implementation on the ground, building and reinforcing the importance of local engagement and leadership. 

This forum style event will be hosted and co-organised by the federal governments of Brazil and Germany, supported by IUCN and Itaipu Binacional. It will allow restoration leaders to thoughtfully engage on experiences, lessons, and strategy for implementing, financing and tracking progress on FLR. This will include consideration of real world examples of local level implementation including the successes and bottlenecks they encounter, and opportunities for capturing and reporting on progress.

The event aims to build a compelling picture of progress on implementation of restoration in landscapes around the world, which is giving effect to the global political leadership the world is seeing on FLR. Implementation of FLR involves a broad range of restoration champions, including different levels of government, public-private partnerships, community groups, private enterprise and others. Their contributions and leadership will be showcased in Brazil over two important days in the growth of the Bonn Challenge.

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