Story | 21 Mar, 2017

IUCN launching a year of "Voices on Forests"

Join us in our yearlong video series, Voices on Forests, spotlighting the expertise of thought-leaders on the issues, ideas and facts around forests. 

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Photo: IUCN

The nexus of people, sectors and organisations focussed on forests is complex and multifaceted, making it difficult to hear the individual gems of insight, advice and experience coming from the experts, field workers, community members, and decision makers who speak about and on behalf of forests. IUCN’s new Voices on Forests video series gives them a chance to be heard.

For twelve months, starting with the International Day of Forests (21 March 2017), Voices on Forests will regularly offer insight into topics ranging from smallholder engagement and gender responsiveness to restoration best practices and personal experiences in 30-second video vignettes.

Voices on Forests speakers will engage with current forest issues that tie into specific country or project situations, international discussions including the Sustainable Development Goals and other commitments, and the local needs and personal thoughts that tie us all to forests.

Voices on Forests will come to a close on 21 March 2018 with a compilation video of the year’s top vignettes. Interested in joining our efforts? We would love to include your voice too. Send us an email at or reach us at @IUCN_forests for details.

Find the all the vignettes at Be sure to check back regularly for a further glimpse into the thoughts of some of the world’s leading forest voices.