Constructing common landscapes – reflections from Brazil’s Land Use Dialogue

Deciding how to manage a landscape is complex – the Land Use Dialogue (LUD) initiative is setting the groundwork for it to be more inclusive and responsive to local needs.

Bright pink tree in green forest

In April 2016, representatives from the private sector, NGOs, local government bodies, academic institutions and farming communities came together in Atalanta, Santa Catarina to discuss land-use planning in the Upper Itajai Valley. The goal? To identify how a landscape can fulfil the immediate needs of local communities while continuing to supply ecosystem services such as clean air, water and carbon sequestration.

The forum – first in a series of LUDs planned internationally – created a valuable space for land-use practitioners to share learning and discuss implementation challenges.

Importantly, the LUD encouraged local communities to engage directly with land-use planners. This cross-sectoral communication is critical to IUCN’s goal of catalysing inclusive and socially-cohesive forest landscape restoration projects.

Watch this short video to learn more.

The LUD is an initiative of The Forests Dialogue (TFD) and the Brazilian Dialogue, and is supported by DFID-Knowfor 2. This video was produced by Apremavi which is leading the Brazil initiative. 

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