Inclusive Conservation in action: the Västra Harg Lövskogar nature reserve

We are re happy to announce a newly published factsheet in the context of the ENVISION project, focused on assessing uncertainty and building resilience in the Västra Hargs Lövskogar Nature Reserve and its surrounding cultural landscape in Sweden.


To ensure we achieve our environmental goals, we all need to be part of the effort: ownership of these goals by all stakeholders is fundamental. In this context, inclusive conservation can be an important approach to the management of protected areas, as it accommodates and balances different visions for protected area management. This helps foster socially relevant, economically productive and environmentally sustainable outcomes in protected areas.

Less than a month after the release of the EU Biodiversity Strategy, the ENVISION project team has published a factsheet focused on its Swedish case study: the Västra Harg Lövskogar nature reserve and its surrounding cultural landscape. Together with local actors, a participatory process for building a shared understanding of landscape management challenges was initiated. The ENVISION team will jointly explore what may constitute strategies towards solutions, how an awareness of uncertainties may influence implementation, and ways to adapt when new challenges emerge.

In the context of the post-COVID-19 recovery, it is crucial to restore a healthy and mutually beneficial human-nature relationship, and the EU Biodiversity Strategy to 2030 becomes a vital tool for this purpose. The Strategy commits to effectively manage all protected areas, defining clear conservation objectives and measures, and monitoring them appropriately. For the implementation of these commitments, the European Commission recognises in the conclusion the need to “ensure social justice, fairness and inclusiveness” during the EU member states’ implementation process, which is a crucial principle when it comes to the effective management of protected areas.  Furthermore, the Strategy states that “an inclusive approach with the participation of all stakeholders, including women, youth, civil society, local authorities, the private sector, academia and scientific institutions” should be guaranteed in the upcoming Global Biodiversity Framework.

For more information, visit the ENVISION website and our dedicated section on the website.

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