IUCN French National Committee launches a new set of tools for subnational governments to take action for biodiversity

The IUCN French National Committee has launched a new website specifically dedicated to supporting subnational governments in taking action for biodiversity in the context of the upcoming World Conservation Congress and beyond.

Launch of website of tools for regional governments

The important role that subnational governments play in protecting and restoring biodiversity is increasingly acknowledged, and their responsibilities are growing. The site aims to provide their elected representatives, authorities and broader actors with the knowledge, tools and examples they need to strengthen engagement with biodiversity-related challenges.

The new site brings together information on a set of 10 key tools, initiatives and concepts. These include the IUCN Red Lists of Species and Ecosystems and the IUCN Green List of Protected and Conserved Areas, as well as innovative initiatives, biodiversity indicators, biodiversity strategies, decentralised cooperation, nature-based solutions, ecosystem services, renewable energy and biodiversity, and invasive alien species. For each area, explanations, practical tools and examples of implementation are provided.

The IUCN French National Committee encourages subnational governments to take concrete and ambitious actions. The new site brings together all the information they need.

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