Keeping the dialogue between farmers and environmentalists alive for a greener CAP


In collaboration with DG Agriculture of the European Commission, IUCN organised the third edition of the Round tables on the Green Architecture of the CAP (9-10 October 2019).

Phil Hogan at Round tables on the green architecture of the CAP

A wide range of stakeholders attended the two-day discussion, from farmers to scientists and environmentalists. Participants had the opportunity to contribute to an open exchange of views, aimed at building a CAP that is more sustainable and responsive to the needs of all.

EU Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development Phil Hogan's inspirational speech instilled trust among the participants, who demonstrated commitment and dedication throughout the discussion, and their motivation to learn from each other and contribute to the creation of a greener CAP.

These favourable conditions laid the foundations for a fruitful dialogue, where concrete examples were developed in order to find compromises between protecting and restoring ecosystem services of a healthy landscape and keeping a thriving rural economy resulting in sustainable management of natural resources.

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