SRJS initiative hosted its third webinar on environmental law

Shared Resources – Joint Solutions (SRJS) is a five-year strategic partnership between IUCN NL, WWF Netherlands and the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Together with over 50 NGOs and civil society organizations in 16 low- and middle-income countries and international partners, we aim to safeguard healthy, biodiverse ecosystems in order to protect climate resilience, the water supply and food security.

Third SRJS webinar on environmental law

The IUCN Environmental Law Centre (ELC) hosted three additional SRJS webinars on environmental law with participants from Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean. The first webinar was presented on July 26, Yacouba Savadogo, a legal expert, provided an overview of the one-day training for SRJS and  CSO partners on environmental law focused on mining issues which was held in Burkina Faso last June. In the second webinar hosted on July 31st, Grizelda "Gerthie" Mayo-Anda introduced her work in the SRJS implementation. Gerthie Mayo-Anda is a well-known environmental attorney with over 25 years of field-based practice in environmental education and training, advocacy, enforcement, litigation and community-based resource management work in the Philippines and, in the third webinar held on August 1st, Stanslaus Nyembea presented his work in the SRJS implementation. Stanslaus Nyembea is a Senior Program Manager at Lawyers’ Environmental Action Team (LEAT), a premier environmental management and protection organization in Tanzania. The SRJS team will be hosting another series of webinars in the coming  month of October.

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