Story | 10 Feb, 2022

Request for Proposals (RfP) - consultancy opportunities in North Macedonia

IUCN Regional Office for Eastern Europe and Centrals Asia (ECARO) seeks one (1) Ecology Consultant and one (1) Disaster Risk Reduction Consultant to support the realisation of a tender dossier for application of Nature-based Solutions in North Macedonia within the ADAPT project.

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Gari, North Macedonia

Photo: © Unsplash Kristijan Arsov

ADAPT: Nature-based Solutions for resilient societies in the Western Balkans is a project funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) and implemented by IUCN. It aims to increase ecosystem and community resilience to climate change and environmental degradation in the Western Balkans. This regional umbrella initiative works with international, national and local partners in the Western Balkans. In North Macedonia, the ADAPT project focuses on knowledge generation and awareness-raising, planning and policy as well as the development of a comprehensive tender dossier for a Nature-based Solution (NbS) project.

The qualified Ecology Consultant will act as a team leader and will provide technical support in identifying the site for a future Nature-based Solution field intervention, define the NbS actions, measures that will be implemented on the ground and prepare a full tender dossier in this regard as per national and local requirements. As part of the tender dossier process the Ecology Consultant will produce a state of biodiversity and ecosystem report for the Municipality of Radovish and propose options for net improvements including targets for enhancing key biodiversity values and ecosystem functions.

The Disaster Risk Reduction Consultant will provide technical support in defining the exact project site for application of NbS in the area of Radovish Municipality with recommendations on follow up actions that could mitigate the risks identified and assessed through disaster risk assessments. In addition, the Consultant will undertake a livelihoods analysis from their DRR perspective and will contribute to the final report that will provide detailed design recommendations for one Nature-based Solution field intervention.

Issue date: 10 February 2022

Closing date and time: 04 March 2022, 23:59 CET

A detailed Request for proposals including a description of the scope of work and specific tasks can be found here:

The Call for Applications for each of the RfPs and supporting documents can be also found in the downloads section of this news.