Story | 10 Feb, 2020

Candidates for IUCN Council 2020 - 2024

At the IUCN World Conservation Congress, taking place in Marseille, France, from 11-19 June 2020, IUCN Members will elect a new Council for 2020-24. IUCN is pleased to announce the nominated candidates for the positions of President, Treasurer, Chairs of Commissions and Regional Councillors.

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More detailed information on the candidates will be available soon on the official IUCN Congress website.

Candidates for President, Treasurer and Commission Chairs nominated by Council to Congress:

On 25 July 2019, the IUCN Acting Director General invited IUCN Members and Commission members to put forward candidates for consideration by Council for the positions of President, Treasurer and Chairs of IUCN’s Commissions. At the same time, members of IUCN’s Commissions were invited to submit their suggestions for the Chair of their respective Commissions.

Thanks to the active participation of IUCN Members and Commission members, a wide range of excellent candidates has been suggested. The IUCN Council, at its 98th Meeting, 10-11 February 2020, deliberated the suggestions and decided to put forward the following candidates for the positions of IUCN President, Treasurer and Chairs of IUCN’s Commissions for the period of 2020 - 2024:


Razan Al Mubarak

Malik Amin Aslam Khan

John Gwilym Robinson 

 (*In alphabetical order)

Role of the President

The prime duty of the IUCN President is to be the Chair of Council, the Congress, and the Bureau of Council. The President works with all Council members and the Director General to make Council and the Congress as effective as possible. Another key role of the President is to represent the Union at important international meetings, to facilitate its access to governments and international organisations at the highest level, and to contribute prestige and influence to enhance the high regard in which the Union is held in the international arena.

Article 27 of the Statutes and Regulation 32, provide that nominations for President may also be made by forty (40) IUCN Members eligible to vote from at least three (3) statutory Regions provided that such a nomination is received by the Director General not less than two months prior to the opening of the IUCN Congress, i.e. 11 April 2020.

Click here for a more detailed profile of the role of the IUCN President.


Nihal Senanayake Welikala

Role of the Treasurer

The Treasurer advises the Director General, as appropriate, on financial matters relating to the implementation of the IUCN Programme and on fundraising in general. In addition, the Treasurer also maintains an overview of the financial situation of the Union in between sessions of the World Conservation Congress and approves, for submission to Council, any adjustments to the approved intersessional financial plan.

Click here for a more detailed profile of the role of the IUCN Treasurer.

Chairs of IUCN's Commissions*:

Commission on Ecosystem Management:

Angela Andrade

Commission on Education and Communication:

Sean Southey

World Commission on Environmental Law:

Christina Voigt

Commission on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy:

Kristen Walker Painemilla

Species Survival Commission:

Jon Paul Rodriguez

World Commission on Protected Areas*:

Olivier Chassot 

Madhu Rao

 (*In alphabetical order)

Role of Commission Chair

The Commission Chair, inter alia, provides creative, dynamic and visionary leadership for the activities of each respective Commission, to enable it to fulfil its Mission as defined in the mandate adopted by the World Conservation Congress and to contribute to the implementation of the IUCN Programme. The Commission Chair maintains and motivates a network of Commission members, and ensures that the Commission works closely with the rest of the Union, including the other IUCN Commissions, IUCN’s membership and its National and Regional Committees.

Click here for a more detailed profile of the roles of IUCN Commission Chairs.

Candidates for Regional Councillor nominated by IUCN Members**:

On 20 August 2019, voting Members of IUCN were invited to submit nominations for Regional Councillors to the Election Officer, Professor Denise E. Antolini.

Click the links below to see the Regional Councillor candidates from IUCN’s eight statutory regions.


Meso and South America

North America and the Caribbean


South and East Asia

West Asia

West Europe

East Europe, North and Central Asia

Role of Regional Councillors

As members of Council, Regional Councillors serve first and foremost the global interests and well-being of IUCN, fulfilling the functions of the IUCN Council as outlined in the IUCN Statutes, Article 46 and providing guidance on the overall development and implementation of the Union’s world-wide policies and programmes in the period between sessions of the World Conservation Congress. Within the above parameters, Regional Councillors provide input to the Council on the interests, priorities and needs of the IUCN Members in the Regions; they act as IUCN’s ambassadors, working with the President and Director General to advance the interests and Mission of the Union and to promote its services within the Region; Regional Councillors serve as key contact points in the Region, working actively with IUCN Regional and National Committees, IUCN Regional Offices and Members.

Click here for a more detailed profile of the role of Regional Councillors.

NOTE: This story was updated 20 March 2020 to include Mr Robinson as a candidate for IUCN President after he was nominated directly by IUCN Members and the election officer validated his candidacy.