Story | 14 Jun, 2021

People in Nature: Understanding how communities use biodiversity

CEESP News:  by Chetan Kumar and Helen Suich 

People in Nature provides an assessment framework to aid project development through an understanding of community uses of biodiversity.

People in Nature (PiN) is an approach to systematically identify and document the value and uses (both material and cultural) of biodiversity – identifying where in the landscape the benefits can be found, and understanding how these benefits are realised and distributed. Applying this approach though conducting a PiN assessment can help project developers with setting ecological and livelihoods baselines, designing site-relevant monitoring and evaluation systems, and informing priority-setting for activities – both for specific species and/or habitats, and to maximise positive livelihoods outcomes.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed land and resource use patterns in many rural areas, and PiN can contribute to post-COVID planning by identifying opportunities and constraints to sustainable species use and livelihoods improvement. This is accomplished by facilitating the prioritisation of desired and sustainable activities, and by incorporating biodiversity's crucial role in providing for day-to-day needs of rural and indigenous communities.

People in Nature brief


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