Story | 23 Jul, 2018

Indigenous voices amplified in 'Landing Together' film series

CEESP News -- Dr. Purabi Bose, Filmmaker, Deputy Chair of CEESP Theme on Governance, Equity and Rights

It is rare that the voices of the voiceless get any recognition. Landing Together's new four short indie documentary films capture the stories of real life protagonists – tribal, Indigenous Peoples and pastoralist communities – stories about their forests and traditional land.

Each film of about 20 minutes covers issues related to oil palm plantation, mining, gender, and community forest management. The uniqueness of the films lies in diversity - linguistic, ethnicity, landscapes and culture - of India's some 104 million tribal population.

Landing Together Films completed a collection of four short independent documentary films and one feature length documentary film in July of 2018 that focuses on the issues of land and forest rights of Indigenous Peoples in India. 

What makes these films unique is the way the stories are given a voice by the real life protagonists. The films are the first of their kind in the country because they are multilingual and cover the entire 'tribal-belt' of mainland and Northeast India.

The tribal belt of India - from Gujarat to Odisha and the entire Northeast India - is rich in mineral resources and diverse landscapes such as grasslands in semi-arid western India to tropical biodiversity rich northeast forest in the mountains. Diversity is also found in the spoken 12 languages, mix of ethnicities and religous groups,  but one aspect that connects India's ~ 400 diverse adivasis and pastoralists communities is their 'way of living' with nature. The Landing Together films is first of its kind to document real life protagonists in their own languages from diverse landscapes. 

Each of the four short documentary films highlight issues related to extractive resource practices (such as bauxite and coal mining), plantations that replace traditional indigenous techniques of farming due to demand for palm oil, gender disparity in land tenure and forest rights, and how collective forest governance is preferred by tribal communities.  

For the director and producer, Purabi Bose, the Landing Together films is like 'pass the story' giving voices to the voiceless from all over tribal India.  

Please find further details about the process and filmmaking approach at the website


You are welcome to watch the four trailers via Vimeo
ABADIAT ... the meek shall inherit the land? multilingual film about indigenous women and their land and forest rights across 10 tribal districts of India. Link:

TASAWUFF.... planting trees of life?  about palm oil and shifting cultivation in Mizoram Link:

Kabza.. pulling the earth under our feet is about extractive resource industries mining for coal and bauxite in traditional indigenous territories of Odisha, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh states of Central India. Link:

TARIQAH.. towards collective forest rights about legal claim for tribal community forest rights covers all over tribal India. Link: