Brahim Abouelabbes won the CEC Excellence Award in North Africa Region

The forest engineer trained and inspired many teachers and students for nature conservation


The strategy of IUCN CEC is to encourage the use of different tools of education and communication to support and help nature conservation. The commission has more than fifteen hundred members in the world. The diversity and value of their work sometimes goes unknown. This is disappointing. That is why the Chair with the support of the SC members has decided to compensate the work done by its members by launching the new IUCN CEC Excellence Award. The award recognises the value of outstanding work in the field and puts professionals who make a difference in the spotlight. They are inspired to use the power of social media and communication instruments to promote the protection of our dear planet.

Brahim Haddane Brahim Haddane Photo: Brahim Haddane For the Region N.Afica the members of the Jury faced a tough decision.
Members of the jury in N. Africa:
- Maher Mahjoub, N. Africa Programme manager, IUCN Med Office – Malaga Spain
- Hajar KHAMLICHI, CEC Member, Association Tanger Morocco
- Mamadou Dialo, IUCN Regional counsellor for Africa
- Najwa BOURAWI, CEC Member, CEO Association Tunis
- Brahim HADDANE Regional Vice-Chair for North Africa 

Why did the jury face a tough decision? Because excellent work is done in very different fields, making it almost impossible to compare. So the jury decided to select one candidate from the four received and they agreed to offer the award to the winner. By this way, we promote the potential of communication to reach very different goals in a variety of ways.

The Award Ceremony was during the Regional Conservation Forum held in Monastir Tunisia 24-26 June 2019. In the name of the CEC Chair, Sean Southey, the Regional Vice-chair Brahim HADDANE was proud to launch the award ceremony that lasted 30 minutes concluded by handing over the beautifully designed Excellence Award to the winner. He told the audience about the challenges they faced seeking the achievements they are most proud of.

North Africa5 North Africa5 Photo: Brahim Haddane The Winner Brahim Abouelabbes is a Forest engineer, CEO of Association Marocaine pour l’Ecotourisme et la Protection de la Nature, member of IUCN and an excellent environmentalist. He has trained and inspired many teachers and students for nature conservation. He got a grant to open a fishing school to learn more about fresh water fish & sustainable use where children get connected with nature through experiencing and exploring live animals by non killing fishing concept. We know that this connection is a pre-requisite for nature conservation: ‘We only protect what we care about, and we only care about what we have learnt’.

The winner explained what motivated him to start working in this field and what achievements he is most proud of. His stories show that it was not always an easy journey as he faced major challenges along the way. Read more about his professional adventures, learn how to turn obstacles into opportunities and be inspired to follow his path!

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