What do children teach us?

Fourth article of the Children as Champions of Climate Change - stories from all around the Planet series

Children from Hala-Bookhad refugee camp and GECPD displaying their climate action postcard messages

In our previous articles we learnt about the Giant Postcard initiative and saw a beautiful example of children taking action in Nigeria and received more than 1200 postcards in order to raise the attention of policy makers to the importance of climate change. CEC supports this outstanding initiative, sharing now stories from Uganda and Somalia.


Martin Nuwagaba, Volunteer BLI Uganda worked with 10 schools including 7 hills Kampala International and Kampala Diplomatic School. He expresses “This project gave me a deep respect for the teaching profession. It is a rewarding experience working with children but you have to be patient with them. Some are naughty and you have to be the kind of person who loves children to be able to work with them. In some instances some children could not talk so I had to help them understand the work. I also learned that children are generally bright and that they should be used as tools of protecting our environment.”


“…I believe in the power of sharing. The project has been extremely fulfilling, a rare experience that once again showed us how crucial it is to educate our children and prepare our youth so that they’ll be able to best face their upcoming future. It’s important they know and learn how to care of their environment, culture and land so that they can succeed in building up their lives and they can progressively contribute in the change. We consider what we did during this project a success, but we won’t stop there.said Faduma M. Dirie, Bussero (Mi) Primary School in Hala-Bookhad refugee camp and GECPD (Galkayo Education Center for Peace and Development).

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