Heroes ́ Summer camp

#NatureForAll activity in Chiapas, Mexico

Heroes Summer Camp, Chiapas Mexico - Theatrical Presentation

Sadly we have seen that people living in towns and cities have lost their connection with nature. We need to improve this connection in order to influence daily action to benefit the environment. FONCET and #NatureForAll have created several activities in order to achieve this connection and then share it with more people. This summer, we created the Heroes´ Summer-camp.

82 kids spent two weeks working in fun ways to learn about the nature near their homes, and about good environmental practices like composting and recycling, while dancing and watching puppets plays and movies. They visited one reserve and learn from the people living in the forest. They saw how they rescue orchids and protect their natural resources, and how nature also cares for them and the rest of the world. Finally, they walked all the way to the core zone of El Triunfo biosphere reserve for a closure ceremony. Two weeks full with entertainment, emotions, and connections. 

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