CEC SC Member Hanying Li Spoke at a Community Environmental Education Seminar in China

Upon invitation of Oxfan, HongKong, Hanying shared CEC experiences in promoting community participation in nature reserves conservation through education.

Hanying Li Spoke at a Community Environmental Education Seminar in China

A total of 80 forest rangers, reserve managers, and local minority leaders from Maolan area of Guizhou province, China joint the Seminar in May 2017.

Director of the Reserve expressed that they were eager to learn from outside with regard to involvement of local minority communities in conservation. Hanying introduced IUCN and CEC work in general, 

and explained how CEC’s communication methods could help to motivate action through behavioral science and how to have conservation message heard in a noisy world. During a field trip afterwards, Hanying also advised local reserve managers on key aspects of community dialogues.

At the Seminar, Hanying showed the audience #NatureForAll video and briefed the participants on CEC membership.

About the Author

Hanying Li is a passionate development professional with a strong interest in environmental education, communications and public campaigns gained over a period of 21 years. Hanying's professional career includes 15 years of experience working in China on policy advocacy, communications and fundraising. In addition, for over five years she promoted sustainable conservation in the Greater Indian Ocean area and implemented a fundraising strategy in the Asia Pacific region.

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