CEM Mexico, Central America and Spanish Speaking Caribbean at the World Water Forum 8 in Brasilia

19-22 March, 2018

Óscar Méndez representative from the Costa Rican Government for the Permanent Binational Commission (Costa Rica-Panama)

Rocío Córdoba (president of CEM for Mesoamerica and the Speaking Caribbean) was part of the panel on: Multi-level water governance. Catalyzing transboundary cooperation organized by IUCN. The event included examples on water governance from examples in Peru, Costa Rica, South America, West, East and Southern Africa. Governance issues have made an important part of IUCN broader approach to work with nature-based solutions. This panel reflected on IUCN’s initiative “BRIDGE” (Building River Dialogues and Governance), which is a result from IUCN’s commitment to include governance as its broader approach to work with nature-based solutions. Some of the main points stressed by the panel were: to bring all stakeholders from grassroots, local, national to regional to work together and to find ways to foster cooperation; built capacities on water management in transboundary levels; awareness raising on ecosystem services and engagement from upstream countries to be part of the transboundary cooperation. The panelists pointed out that transboundary governance is part of water security and nature-based solutions.

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