10th Cross-Straits Workshop on Forest Dynamics Plots held in China

The 10th Cross-Straits Workshop on Forest Dynamics Plots, hosted by the Biodiversity Committee, Chinese Academy of Sciences (BC-CAS) and co-organised by the Ecological Society of Beijing, took place on 14 October. Funded by CAS, the event had over 170 participants, including five from Taiwan.

The 10th Cross-Straits Workshop on Forest Dynamics Plots

Prof. Jian Zhang from East China Normal University and Prof. Chengjin Chu from Sun Yat-Sen University gave presentations on forest dynamic plots. Other talks focused on forest dynamics, spatial patterns, diversity maintaining mechanisms, forest carbon stock and dynamics etc. There were also presentations on the development and the future of the plots. The workshop was chaired by Prof. Wanhui Ye, South China Botanical Garden, CAS.

Prof. Jian Zhang presented data on different spatial and temporal scales and explained how to use data to study scientific problems such as species distribution, risk of species extinction and forest succession dynamics. Prof. Chengjin Chu presented a mechanism for species coexistence. The presentation of reports such as “CForBio: a network monitoring Chinese forest biodiversity-progress and perspective” received plenty of attention. 

Participants then discussed the future of CForBio, with Prof. Keping Ma, Deputy Director of BC-CAS saying that he hoped to strengthen the platform by integrating data that includes comprehensive analysis of datasets cross plots.

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