How to define EbA: a practical framework

Together with co-authors GIZ and IIED, IUCN launched during UNFCCC SBSTA 46 an innovative technical paper, Making Ecosystem-based Adaptation Effective: A Framework for Defining Qualification Criteria and Quality Standards

Flyer EbA side event UNFCCC SBSTA46

Building on previous work, the authors propose a practical assessment framework for designing, implementing and monitoring EbA measures using a set of 3 elements, 5 qualification criteria and 20 quality standards. This paper, which is based on the diverse experiences of Friends of EbA (FEBA) members, was peer-reviewed by colleagues from 13 organizations, comprising the FEBA Working Group on Standards and Guidelines. Next steps include pilot-testing this framework on the ground, and based on results, to treat the framework as a living document whose utility improves with each iteration.

FEBA encourages decision makers and practitioners to use this assessment framework to apply a common set of qualification criteria and quality standards in the context of implementing the UNFCCC Paris Agreement and NDC commitments as well as the national adaptation planning processes.

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