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  • Start of a new BEST project

    A 3-year project 'BEST RUP' started on 15 January 2017. Its aim is to implement the pilot project 'inventory of species and habitats and environmentally sensitive areas in the French Outermost Regions (ORs)' submitted by the Member of the European Parliament...
  • Mayotte’s flora and forests – a threatened heritage

    Green and abundant. When visiting Mayotte you feel the ambiance of a "green island". Yet much of its forest is degraded due to very early human occupation of the island (end of the 8th century). The reduction in natural and secondary forest coverage between...
  • Monitoring of biodiversity critical for Mayotte

    One of the key issues affecting Mayotte’s ability to prioritise conservation work concerns a lack of knowledge and understanding of the very biological diversity captured on and around the island. However, both IUCN French National Committee and Mayotte’s...
  • Supporting Mayotte’s Biodiversity Strategy

    Since June 2012, IUCN French National Committee has worked to help develop a Biodiversity Strategy for Mayotte. The process has involved the participation of numerous stakeholders and the organisation of several workshops to map out how the island’s rich...
  • Managing Mayotte’s under threat mangroves

    Ever since the mid 20th Century, Mayotte’s mangroves have steadily been in decline due largely to major development projects encroaching on these important biodiversity hotspots. Although measures are now being taken to rectify the situation, more action is...
Last updated - Tue, 20 Aug 2019

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