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  • Biofuel potential for rural development

    Biofuels have the potential to contribute greatly to rural development and increase the sustainable energy options to rural communities.
  • Gender makes a difference in water management

    Women have considerable knowledge about water resources, including water quality and reliability, and are key to the success of water resources development and protection, according to IUCN.
  • Don’t wait to produce renewable energy sustainably, urges IUCN

    A hands-on guide to producing bioenergy without harming the environment was launched today by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) to coincide with the World Future Energy summit in Abu Dhabi.
  • Women feel the heat of climate change

    Women’s lives are more at risk than men’s because of climate change, according to IUCN. Climate change will affect all countries, but poor women in developing countries will be disproportionately affected. Despite this, most of the UNFCCC debate on climate so...
  • Social perspective on agenda at UNFCCC

    IUCN's Senior Gender Advisor, Lorena Aguilar, says these negotiations show a more people-centred approach to dealing with climate change for the first time. To listen, click here.
  • Get gender on climate change agenda

    As the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change meeting gets underway in Poznan, Poland, IUCN's Senior Gender Advisor, Lorena Aguilar, explains what she has been doing to make sure women's voices are heard in the climate change negotiations. To...
  • New Global Report on Gender

    The Senior Advisor on Gender issues of IUCN, Lorena Aguilar, comments on the recently launched Global Gender Gap Report 2008 by the World Economic Forum and states that it is "a vital resource document for decision and policy makers worldwide."
  • Managing the wetlands of Borneo

    Seselia Ernawati works for Riak Bumi, an Indonesian NGO which aims to involve local people in managing the natural resources in and around the wetlands of Danau Sentarum National Park in Borneo. The aim is to encourage people to make a living out of non-...
  • Empowering Masai women in Tanzania

    Attending the IUCN congress is one more way for Josephine Simon to help empower Masai women in her native Tanzania. She is representing the Esilalei Women’s Cultural Boma, an association which is built on the premise that women are the key to wildlife...
  • High hopes for womens' issues

    Jessica Mowat from Women in Business Development Inc. has travelled all the way from Samoa Island in the Pacific to Barcelona to learn, network and establish partnerships linking women with business development. It is just the beginning of her time at...
  • Congress creates fair opportunities for women

    Women have been juggling their families with trade for generations. The International Women Environmental Entrepreneurs Fair at the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Barcelona highlights the economic, social and environmental inputs that women entrepreneurs...
  • Gender on the agenda

    Are women being properly represented when decisions are made about the environment? IUCN Web TV talks to Lorena Aguilar, IUCN's Senior Gender Adviser about what progress is being made in integrating gender equity into conservation policy, which countries are...
  • Elise Buckle - Changement climatique

     “Research has shown that women suffer most in natural disasters, such as floods or droughts, and yet they may be the most promising part of the solution to climate change, not only because of their key role in educating children and making fuel choices...
  • Gonzalo Oviedo - Cambio Climatico

    "We are nearing collapse", says Gonzalo Oviedo bluntly. According to this Senior Social Policy Advisor for the IUCN, it is no longer a question of if, but rather to what extent, we will be able to prevent disaster.
  • Apply now for the Business Night School

    Three-hour long Learning Opportunities will equip non-business delegates to the IUCN World Conservation Congress with knowledge and skills to work with business on contributing to ecosystem management solutions. Each evening (6-8 October), four sessions will...
  • IUCN to influence decision-makers in Bonn

    At the last two weeks of conservation talks in Bonn, IUCN managed to put gender and social equity high on CBD's agenda. Will the Union be equally successful in doing so once again in the same city but for a different UN Convention? The United Nations...
  • Women Ministers and Leaders of the Environment support Gender

    Women Ministers and Leaders of the Environment met today in Bonn to officially launch the CBD Gender Plan of Action, which I IUCN has helped pull together. Lorena Aguilar is IUCN's Senior Gender Policy Officer, she gave us the low down on today's meeting....
  • Gender Workshop at CBD

    IUCN’s Gender Programme held a workshop this weekend to show women the way of making the most of the CBD experience. Brian Thomson asked IUCN’s Loraina Aguilar why now. English MP3  
  • Registration for the World Conservation Congress is now online

    The online registration system for the World Conservation Congress, taking place in Barcelona, Spain, from 5 to 14 October, is now open. The Congress is the world’s largest and most important conservation event. Be a part of it and register now! You can also...
  • IUCN Celebration of International Women's Day

    This year, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, IUCN is celebrating gender equity and equality in the environmental sector through recognition of male colleagues who support women's empowerment and announcing the international initiative...
  • International Women Environmental Entrepreneurs Fair

    IUCN will use the platform offered by the World Conservation Congress to organize the International Women Environmental Entrepreneurs Fair, a space to make visible the economic, social and environmental inputs that women entrepreneurs bring to their countries...


Last updated - Mon, 12 Aug 2019

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