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  • IUCN CEL Steering Committee member to take senior position in Jordan

    IUCN CEL Vice Chair Ms. AL-Sharifeh Nawzat bint Ali has been appointed by the Minister of Environment of Jordan to be his Legal Adviser on International Environmental Law issues, in Amman, starting end of July 2007
  • Innovative solution for shared waters

    During the 7th Water and Nature (WANI) Coordination team meeting in Burkina Faso, the WANI team focused on the project for improving water governance in the Volta Basin (known as PAGEV by its French acronym), implemented by IUCN and the Directorate of Water...
  • The Law on Glaciers Conservation

    During the 2nd Latin American Congress of National Parks and other Protected Areas in Bariloche, Argentina, the IUCN Environmental Law Centre (ELC) launched a new EPLP Publication. The book “Aspectos Jurídicos de la Conservación de los Glaciares” (Legal...
  • Alexandre Kiss Environmental Law Papers Award

    Last year the Commission on Environmental Law (CEL) launched a Call for Papers, aiming mainly at encouraging the work of young environmental lawyers.
  • Supporting the development of a new Nature Reserve Law in China

    A new Nature Reserve Law is currently under development by the Environmental Protection and Resources Conservation Committee (EPRCC) of the National People’s Congress in China.
  • New Book Series on Access and Benefit-sharing

    In one of IUCN’s three Side Events organized during the Fifth Meeting of the Ad Hoc Open-ended Working Group on Access and Benefit-sharing (WG-ABS) in Montreal, Canada, the IUCN Environmental Law Centre launched the first three books of the ‘ABS Series’ – a...
  • EIA transfronteriza en Centroamérica

    Evaluación de Impacto Ambiental Transfronteriza en Centroamérica - Lineamientos generales, es el nombre una nueva publicación de la Serie de Política y Derecho Ambiental, publicada en conjunto por la Oficina Regional para Mesoamérica y el Centro de Derecho...
  • Gobernanza de aguas compartidas

    El Centro de Derecho Ambiental y la Oficina Regional de UICN para Mesoamérica presentan el libro Gobernanza de aguas compartidas: aspectos jurídicos e institucionales, el cual es un esfuerzo conjunto que recoge los aportes del diálogo sobre gobernanza de...
  • CEL Alexandre Kiss Premio

    El año pasado la Comisión de Derecho Ambiental (CEL) llamó a Convocatoria para Presentación de Ensayos con el objetivo principal de animar el trabajo de abogados ambientales jóvenes.
  • Congreso Académico sobre Derecho del Agua

    El Programa de Derecho Ambiental de la UICN y la Oficina Regional para Mesoamérica (ORMA) participaron activamente en el Congreso Académico sobre Derecho del Agua. Este evento fue organizado por la Asociación Costarricense de Derecho Ambiental (ACDA) en San...
  • Michel Prieur à l'honneur

    Michel Prieur, Président adjoint de la Commission du droit de l’environnement de l’UICN, vient de recevoir la croix de Commandeur de l’ordre des palmes académiques, et celle de Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur, à une cérémonie émouvante en son honneur, tenue...
  • Droit de l’environnement en Afrique centrale et de l'ouest

    Les aspects contemporains du droit de l’environnement en Afrique centrale et de l’ouest sont l’objet d’un projet conjoint du Centre du droit de l’environnement de l’UICN et du PNUE.
  • New publication on Access and Benefit-sharing

    IUCN Environmental Law Centre has published the first three volumes of the ‘ABS Series’ – a five-volume sub-series of the ELP’s Environmental Policy and Law Papers. The Series provides intensively researched expert analysis by internationally respected...
  • Addressing the Problems of Access: Protecting Sources, While Giving Users Certainty

    Medaglia, Jorge Cabrera;  López Silva, Christian ISBN 978-2-8317-0979-6 Download PDF  :  Order from Earthprint
  • A Change of Climate

    Prof. Meinhard Doelle, a specialist in international and domestic law relating to climate change, has joined the staff of the IUCN Environmental Law Centre for five months to work on linkages between biodiversity and climate change.
  • IUCN CEL Steering Committee member participated in first WARC meeting

    IUCN CEL Vice Chair Ms. AL-Sharifeh Nawzat bint Ali attended the first meeting of the West Asia Regional Committee (WARC) on Monday 21 January 2008 in Amman, Jordan, at the invitation of Dr. Odeh Al Jayyousi, IUCN Regional Director of West Asia Office (WAME...


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