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  • An extremely rare sight: a Murphy’s petrel chick on Henderson Island. Rats have been killing over 99% of Murphy’s petrel chicks within 1 week of hatching

    World Firsts on Henderson Island

    The Royal Society for Protection of Birds (RSPB), an IUCN Member, and the Pitcairn Islands Government have announced that the ground-breaking rat eradication operation to restore Henderson Island, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site in the South Pacific, has...
  • Ants

    IPBES Forum: One for all, all for one

    Are you eager to be engaged in shaping an Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) and defining its goals? Do you want to bring your knowledge and experience to the attention of governments and other decision...
  • Ants

    Foro IPBES: Uno para todos, todos para uno

    ¿Desea usted ayudar a darle forma a la Plataforma Intergubernamental Científico-Normativa sobre Diversidad Biológica y Servicios de los Ecosistemas (IPBES) y a definir sus objetivos? ¿Desea compartir sus conocimientos y experiencias con los gobiernos y otros...
  • Ants

    Forum IPBES: Un pour tous, tous pour un

    Aimeriez-vous participer à la définition des objectifs de la Plateforme Intergouvernementale scientifique et politique sur la Biodiversité et les Services Ecosystémiques (IPBES) ? Vous souhaitez mettre vos connaissances et votre expertise à la disposition des...
  • Beech forest surrounding kettle-hole mire in Serrahn, Ancient Beech Forests of Germany

    Germany’s last wild forests

    Ancient Beech Forests of Germany, World Heritage site
  • Indigenous peoples' rights in the context of the World Heritage Convention – the role of IUCN

    Stefan Disko (International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs), TILCEPA member Helen Tugendhat ( Forest Peoples Programme)
  • Ningaloo Coast, World Heritage Site - dive charter on mooring

    Annual meeting of the Whale Sharks

    Ningaloo Coast, Australia, World Heritage Site
  • Tree nursery at the Mouth of Limpopo, Mozambique

    Forest Day: the face of forests at UN climate change negotiations

    Forest Day has become something of a tradition at the annual UN climate change conference, the UNFCCC Conference of Parties (COP). Here at COP17 in Durban, Forest Day 5 was held on 4 December, bringing together over 1000 people who work on – and are...
  • Lachuá Lagoon National Park

    Protected, naturally

    More than 180,000 protected areas—national parks, nature reserves and so on—now cover over 12% of the world’s land area and 7.2% of coastal waters. They play an important role in reducing carbon emissions and helping people adapt to the impacts of climate...
  • Species on the Edge app for iPad and iPhone

    Species on the Edge app is launched

    Acclaimed by the US Apple Store as ‘New and Noteworthy’, the new Species on the Edge app is a detailed guide to 365 species from the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™. Featuring stunning photos and thought-provoking information it allows users to learn...
  • Mattias Klum

    The power of pictures: filmmaker joins team of IUCN Ambassadors

    Swedish filmmaker and photographer Mattias Klum joins IUCN’s growing team of Goodwill Ambassadors to help spread the nature conservation message worldwide.
  • arborvitae Issue 44 - Forests: a legal challenge

    arborvitae Issue 44 - Forests: a legal challenge

    Where there is no title: Security of tenure is neither a sufficient nor a necessary condition for trust and confidence about future benefits. Feature: Customary laws can have a significant influence on access to – and use of – land and forests in...
  • Penguin patrol

    IUCN’s Caroline Edgar recently spent two weeks living, breathing and talking penguins on South Africa’s famous Robben Island and her life will never be the same.
  • Lake Bogoria Flamingo and zebras

    Flamingos by the millions

    Kenya Lake System, World Heritage Site, Kenya
  • Wangari Maathai

    Nature loses a heroine

    IUCN is deeply saddened by the loss of Wangari Maathai, one of Africa’s foremost environmental campaigners and a great advocate for social justice, human rights, peace and democracy. Wangari Maathai has passed away in Nairobi at the age of 71.
  • Wangari Maathai

    La naturaleza pierde a una heroína

    La UICN lamenta profundamente la pérdida de Wangari Maathai, una de las mayores ambientalistas de África y gran defensora de la justicia social, los derechos humanos, la paz y la democracia. Wangari Maathai falleció el martes en Nairobi, a los 71 años.
  • pk_wwd11.jpg

    The plight of mangrove forests in Pakistan - Film

    Across the Indus delta in Pakistan, at Keti Bundur, Siddiq Roonjha narrates the once prosperous economic history of the area, his recent battles with cyclones and sea storms as his home was inundated in front of his eyes; his precious belongings lost.
  • UPU Letter Writing Competition Winners

    Young writers' forest letter contest - Barbados and China win!

    A Great Oak in Guyana’s Windsor Forest and an observant little tree ‘prepared to care for humanity’ helped 15-year-old Charlée Gittens from Barbados and 13-year-old Wang Sa from China to win gold medals in the Universal Postal Union’s 40th International...
  • UNESCO World Heritage

    Know Where I'm Going”- Remote Access to World Heritage Sites from St Kilda to Uluru Conference

    23-24 November 2011 Informatics Forum, 10 Crichton Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9AB (Scotland, UK)
  • Two low-flying Murphy's petrels above Henderson Island

    Removing rats, restoring islands

    A unique international project partnership involving IUCN Member organizations, the Royal Society for Protection of Birds, The Nature Conservancy and the US Fish & Wildlife Service is helping to restore a series of islands and seabird habitats in the...
  • View from Mount Gower

    One of the cleanest places on earth

    Lord Howe Island World Heritage Site, Australia
  • Tim Badman

    Day Nine - Life just beginning?

    So the 35th Session of the World Heritage Committee draws to an end at UNESCO headquarters in Paris, writes Tim Badman, Director of IUCN’s World Heritage Programme.
  • Swiss Tectonic Arena Sardona World Heritage Property

    More World Heritage Sites, more challenges for conservation

    Paris, France, 29 June, 2011. Four outstanding natural sites in Kenya, Jordan, Australia and Japan were given World Heritage status following the advice of IUCN to the World Heritage Committee, which closes today in Paris. An extension to an...
  • Swiss Tectonic Arena Sardona World Heritage Property

    Más sitios de Patrimonio Mundial, más desafíos para la conservación

    París, Francia. 29 de junio de 2011 (UICN) – Cuatro sitios naturales excepcionales en Kenia, Jordania, Australia y Japón recibieron la calificación de Patrimonio Mundial, en respuesta al consejo de la UICN al Comité de Patrimonio Mundial, que cierra hoy su...
  • Christelle Perruchoud, World Heritage Project Management Assistant

    Day Eight – Heat wave at the Committee

    Today was originally planned to be a day without sessions, to allow the Rapporteur and the Secretariat of the World Heritage Centre to prepare the report before the final approval of decisions on the meeting's last day, Wednesday 29 June, writes Christelle...


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