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  • Fifty shades of green?

    A quick walk around the venue of the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris leaves the impression that “solutions based in nature” are definitely in the focus of the negotiations. Not to mention the prominent display of a veritable Noah’s Ark...
  • Synergies between climate mitigation and adaptation in forest landscape restoration.

    The two responses to climate change - mitigating emissions and adapting to impacts - are often pursued as separate actions. But some ecosystem-based responses, like forest landscape restoration, can serve as both mitigation and adaptation tools. A new report...
  • From Youth Forum Nagoya to World Heritage Paris

    Lake Turkana is a natural World Heritage Site in northern Kenya, inscribed for its remarkable biodiversity and geological features. Threats to the livelihoods of the local community and the local environment are now known here at the World Heritage Committee...
  • Enhancing our Heritage

    Natural World Heritage sites are formally recognized by the international community, under the framework of the World Heritage Convention as among the most outstanding intact ecosystems on Earth. It is critical that managers have the information needed...


Last updated - Thu, 19 Sep 2019

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