CEESP Annual Report 2010

A Message from the Chair


The Commission on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy (CEESP) has over 1000 members spread across all regions of the world. It is no easy feat to foster cohesiveness in a voluntary network of experts whose expertise traverses environmental, economic, social and cultural policy, but it has been my honour and pleasure to contribute to achieving exactly this since Barcelona.

2010 has been a very productive year for CEESP. Achievements include; over fifty publications by CEESP or by CEESP members; quarterly production of the CEESP Newsletter profiling an increasingly visible membership; strong CEESP delegations at the Convention on Biological Diversity-SBSTTA and UNFCCC and CBD COP Conference of the Parties meetings; and a significantly improved sense of belonging to a vibrant Commission that has much to offer to local and global initiatives that endeavor to improve the sustainable livelihoods of peoples all over the world.

My focus as Chair during 2010 has been on improving the infra-structure of CEESP – the ‗nitty-gritty‘ details such as streamlining the membership application process, improving intra-Commission communication as well as external communication, together with the CEESP Financial Advisor and IUCN-ORO office providing regular financial accounts of CEESP expenditure, improving working relationships with key Secretariat staff; and introducing an internal Commission grants system to enable more strategic use of the limited funds CEESP receives annually that make a difference. My hope for 2011 is to be able to focus more on the actual issues of CEESP confident that our internal processes for accountability and transparency are working well.

A great deal of work in 2010 was spent in preparation for the first global conference to be convened by CEESP, ―Sharing Power: A New Vision for Development‖, held in Whakatane, New Zealand, 11-15th January 2011. The Conference marks a turning point for CEESP as we work together as a whole Commission leading a conference on issues of deep concern to CEESP. A call for contributions was issued in mid-2010 and over 100 proposals were received. A full Report on the Sharing Power Conference will be available on the CEESP website in due course. At this time, I would like to acknowledge our local partners in the Conference, Te Runanga o Ngati Awa and Te Whare Wananga o Awanuiarangi as well as all the sponsors who contributed to the event.

This Annual Report highlights some of the key events and activities of CEESP members during 2010 and enables others to see what an amazing group of professionals contribute to CEESP. Thank you to all members of CEESP for their contributions, IUCN-ORO for their support in managing the CEESP accounts, the CEESP Steering Committee for their guidance and particularly to the Executive Officer, Elizabeth Erasito and Financial Advisor, Richard Cellarius and to the Secretariat staff CEESP works closely with.

Aroha Te Pareake Mead, Chair
Wellington, New Zealand

Work area: 
Social Policy
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