Message from IUCN Director General on Japanese earthquake and tsunami

On behalf of all IUCN Members and staff, I join with people from around the world in extending sympathy and solidarity to the many families affected by the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

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IUCN has had a long and close relationship with the government of Japan, a state Member of IUCN, and 21 other Members in the country. Our thoughts are with them now, along with many other friends and partners of IUCN in Japan.

With rescue and recovery operations well underway, IUCN stands ready to support eventual environmental rehabilitation efforts.

For now, we share the grief and sorrow of the people of Japan. We have every confidence in the resilience of the Japanese people and wish them strength and courage in overcoming this devastating tragedy.

Julia Marton-Lefèvre
Director General, IUCN

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North America
West and Central Africa
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