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IUCN World Heritage Outlook

IUCN World Heritage Outlook

2020 update under way

IUCN is gathering input from experts around the globe to complete a new cycle of assessments for the IUCN World Heritage Outlook 3. Read more

The IUCN World Heritage Outlook is the first global assessment of natural World Heritage, and our flagship for assessing all natural World Heritage sites. It is composed of a website and a three-yearly global report. Launched in 2014 and with a second report released at the Bonn UN climate change conference in November 2017, it is the first global assessment of natural World Heritage and the first to recognise conservation success in the world’s most iconic places. Up to the IUCN Outlook, only about half of the listed sites have been regularly monitored through the UNESCO World Heritage Convention. The second report can now assess for the first time whether the conservation prospects of sites are improving or deteriorating.

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The IUCN World Heritage Outlook provides Conservation Outlook Assessments for all natural World Heritage sites. These assessments indicate whether a natural World Heritage site is likely to conserve its values over time, based on a desk-based assessment of:

  • The current state and trend of values
  • The threats affecting those values
  • The effectiveness of protection and management

Conservation Outlook Assessments also compile additional information on benefits and possible projects related to a site.

Backed by WCPA expertise, IUCN has developed this knowledge tool to fill the current knowledge gap on UNESCO natural World Heritage sites and track their state of conservation.


  • Identify the most pressing conservation issues
  • Recognise well-managed sites
  • Show the benefits provided to people by these sites
  • Track the state of conservation of all natural World Heritage sites

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