A decade for Biodiversity?

16 September, Brussels: Japan is proposing to the United Nations General Assembly to promote the next decade as the International Decade of Biodiversity, according to the representative from the Japanese Mission to the European Union.  Mr Tanaka joined a group of 20 or so policy experts from various backgrounds at a briefing session organised by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) in their EU Representative Office in Brussels.

CBD COP10, October 2010, Nagoya

The briefing session was organised to enable Ms Josephine Langley, Network Coordinator of IUCN’s Core Priority Area “Conserving Biodiversity” to explain IUCN’s position, reflect on the extensive consultation process that shaped the text and describe some of the challenges and the expectations for the 10th Conference of Parties (COP X) of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) that will take place in Nagoya, Japan in October this year.

Issues that were discussed dealt with the overall Strategic Plan, Access and Benefit Sharing and the Resource Mobilisation Strategy.  Participants reflected on the European position and how the decisions made in Japan will be implemented in Europe in 2011 and beyond.

Later in the afternoon a discussion took place in the European Parliament with a group of MEPs who will attend the CBD COP 10.  Parliamentarians were keen to know how the decisions will be implemented at national level, and discussed how best to raise awareness amongst Government decision makers in ministries responsible for finance and development.

Dr Hans Friederich, Regional Director said: this is the kind of activity that IUCN will be doing more and more in the years to come, as we can provide an unbiased, non-political, science based assessment of the progress of the negotiations, while providing space for further consultation and debate.  This is an effective way of using the IUCN network of Members and scientific experts

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