IUCN's Green web on Google Earth

The virtual green web of IUCN Members in Google Earth showcases the organizations on the frontlines in the battle against climate change, reductions in water quality and quantity, deforestation and biodiversity loss.

IUCN Bangladesh arial map

The IUCN Members’ Layer will enable everyone to get more information about the individual members and also to see their overall geographical distribution.

“We are very excited about this opportunity and hope that the Members are too. We believe it is very important to provide more options of visibility for our Members, as they are safeguarding the planet by encircling it in a Green Web”, says Enrique Lahmann, Director of the Constituency Support Group at IUCN.

This layer is just the beginning, as more features will be added to make the information about the Members more complete. In future IUCN will be able to map not only its Members, but the way they are involved with IUCN, whether this be in a programmatic area, a specific project, within policy, or contributing in some other way.
“This is our goal for the future and we will work very hard over the next year to incorporate more and more dimensions as our internal systems get upgraded and we start using new technology. This will be done in partnership with our Members”, says Susanna Söderström in the Membership Unit.

The Constituency Support Group, Information Management Group, in collaboration with the IUCN Mapping Initiative all contributed to the success of this product. We thank Google for their support.

The IUCN Members’ layer on Google Earth can be viewed here:

To update your Google Earth data, please contact the nearest Membership Focal Point in your region. For technical questions, please email [email protected]


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