Business and biodiversity

Business and Biodiveristy: Honey Collectors team in Sundarbans_West Bengal, India

With the dynamic economic growth being experienced in the Asia region the imperative to engage with business is in some ways even greater than in other parts of the world. 

IUCN works towards a sustainable global economy in which Asian businesses are committed and effective partners in achieving a just world that values and conserves nature.

Guided by a clear set of principles that respect mutual roles, we work with an increasing number of businesses and business associations in the region on conservation and sustainable development issues.

Our focus is on moving sector leaders to incorporate biodiversity considerations into their business planning, and to develop standards and best practice that work towards achieving net positive impact in business operations.

Some examples of partnerships we are engaged in include: protecting critical watersheds, working with media to raise environmental awareness, mainstreaming sustainable business practices, promoting sustainable aquaculture, and helping transform industry and policy.


For all IUCN engagements with the private sector, a due diligence process is undertaken which involves assessing the risks and opportunities of the engagement.    The results of the due diligence process for any engagement with private sector will be available on request to all IUCN members. To access a copy of a due diligence report, please contact: Dr. TP Singh

Additionally, in accordance with IUCN social policies, IUCN has established a grievance mechanism to respond to complaints related to the implementation of its projects. The grievance mechanism is designed to enable the receipt of complaints of affected people and public concerns regarding the environmental and social performance of any IUCN projects, including private sector projects. It is based on effective, accessible and transparent procedures to receive and resolve complaints. Any concerns about a project can be addressed through this mechanism. 

The IUCN Projects Complaint Management System and Suggested Format for Complaint documents can be found in the Downloads section of this page. 


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