Publications and publishing

All components of IUCN generate science and knowledge and publish through IUCN or other credible outlets. IUCN publishes more than 25 original publications and over 30 translations every year, along with many other documents and guidelines.

Access IUCN publications

Use the links below to search IUCN’s online publications or to see the entirety of our publications catalogue including both digital and undigitized publications.

Publishing with IUCN

In accordance with the IUCN Statutes, whereby the IUCN Secretariat and the IUCN Commissions are required to uphold high standards of scientific work, IUCN has set in place governance and procedures for the production of IUCN publications, as well as guidelines, templates, and standards.

How to publish with IUCN

Style, branding, procedural and other guidelines for publishing with IUCN.

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IUCN Editorial Board

The IUCN Editorial Board provides advice and confirmation of the peer review process for IUCN publications.

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Translating IUCN publications

Contact us if you would like to provide an in-kind donation to IUCN by translating an existing IUCN publication.

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Quality and dissemination support

Thanks to support from the Arcadia Fund for Opening Access to Conservation Knowledge, we offer advice and support to improve the quality and dissemination of IUCN journals.

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Off the Shelf newsletter

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