Forest and Farm Facility

Project title: Forest and Farm Facility

Location: Myanmar, multiple locations

Duration: 2013- ongoing

Project Background: The Forest and Farm Facility (FFF) is a multi-donor programme, housed within the Forest Economics, Policy and Products Division (FOE) within the Forestry Division of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and managed as a partnership between the FAO, the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) and IUCN.  

FFF works with smallholders, communities and indigenous peoples' organisations to improve livelihoods and enhance their decision-making over forest and farm landscapes. The programme is organised under three pillars. The first is to strengthen the ability of producer organisations to engage in policy dialogues and to organise sustainable forest businesses. The second pillar is to catalyze multi-sectoral policy platforms for sustainable forest and farm management. The third is to bring local producers’ voices into global processes about forests and farming.

Objectives of the project: In Myanmar, FFF has focused on community forestry. Small grants to civil society groups have strengthened forest-based businesses linked to community forests across the country. These grants have also enabled the establishment of community forestry associations of existing community forestry groups at the township up to the state level. Currently, FFF has supported the formation of these associations in Southern Rakhine and Southern Shan States. 

FFF is working with the National Community Forestry Working Group, a government-led multi-stakeholder group established in 2014 to enhance the ability of community forestry to contribute to sustainable forest management and provide for rural livelihoods.

Expected Outputs: FFF will continue to establish community forestry group associations through its grants program, strengthening forest producers’ ability to exchange knowledge and for policy dialogue and business opportunities. Associations have been formed in Southern Rakhine and Shan States. Grants to strengthen forest management have been given in Rakhine, Shan, and Chin States for a diversity of producer groups including for mulberry tree management for silk production, fuelwood provisioning for pottery producers, and rattan management and processing.

The CF National Working Group will be given support to create an effective platform to promote community forestry in Myanmar. 

FFF will also continue to bring NGOs and producer groups on regional exchanges and to international dialogues on forests.

Donors: Donors include Finland, Germany, Sweden, the United States, and Agricord.

Partners: FAO, IIED, MERN

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