West Asia

Protected Area for Orchids on Holcim Land- Kfarhazir

Orchids in Lebanon

Lebanon was selected to implement this project. The project, which is implemented by IUCN Regional Office for West Asia (ROWA) and funded by Holicm - Lebanon, aiming at Surveying and assessing Orchids’ biodiversity in Kfarhazir, Koura, north Lebanon to declare it as the first Orchid protected area in the region.

 Kfarhazir is characterized by the diversity of orchid species and their varied abundance in the location. The ownership of the hill is belonging to Holcim Company in Lebanon. The hill is a natural treasure; it is an orchid shelter home to 10 of the species existing in Lebanon. Nonetheless, its natural value is portrayed in:

  • The diversity of its orchid species.
  • The dynamism of the populations of these species.
  • The hosting natural system

The proposed “Orchid Protected Area” would be the first precedence for orchid acknowledgment on the East Mediterranean and in the MENA region.

It would also present the first site flagged for orchid conservation where spreading awareness on orchids, their life cycles and ecological value would be most relevant in addition to conduction of future research.


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