Participatory Planning Approaches for Healthy Rangeland - Traditional Systems

 Sustainable Dryland Landscapes in Africa and Middle East project, funded by DANIDA, plans to raise awareness to identify investment priorities at local and national levels and to build partnerships for Sustainable Land Management (SLM) scale up at the international level.

Participatory Planning Approaches - Working Group Session

Focusing on building the capacities of Ministry of Agriculture staff involved in rangeland management, a series of training workshops were organized in the 12 governorates of Jordan during March.

The workshops aimed at exchanging knowledge and deepening understanding of underlying dynamics when facilitating participatory planning processes for range natural resource management.

This objective can be achieved by using an inclusive approach that calls as much as possible of encouraging participants to reflect and teach themselves from their own experience and knowledge. This was done through a mix of self-learning sessions and working group sessions, later complemented by learning sessions.

Apart from exchanging and sharing experience and knowledge among participants, the participatory planning tools used in the healthy rangeland management in Jordan and ther region was reflected upon and hence served as a vehicle to review the planning processes in 12 governorates of this project and draw lessons from this experience.

In line with the objective for training workshops, each workshop focused on the underlying dynamics of facilitating such planning tools; why we work with target groups, ownership and sustainability, the importance of facilitation skills, etc. At the same time a review processes was proposed in the working group sessions.

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