Raising Seagrass Awareness among Youths in Palk Bay, India

We initiated an exclusive seagrass awareness in Palk Bay since October 2012. Our team visits local schools and then invite the students to our centre for field trip.

Students waiting for the diver to emerge from the tank

A total number of 2,740 students have attended our events since October 2012 until March 2013. We aimed to reach six thousand students before the end of 2013.

Besides several environmental threats caused to seagrass meadows of Palk Bay due to ignorance, poor law enforcement and globalization, our organization believes that a continuous rapport and commitment in grassroots education and awareness can positively change the present situation. I personally found such enthusiasm and passion among school students to conserve it, after I showed my underwater photographs of local marine life. This positive approach is leading towards a participatory research and insitu conservation plans for not only seagrasses but also to its associated flora and fauna.

Our events are related to CEC (Aichi Target 1: Awareness and Appreciation of Biodiversity).

Dr.Vedharajan Balaji, [email protected]

Work area: 
Coastal Livelihoods
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