• group discussion, forestation Group discussion on reforestation site Photo: © Phonesavanh Chanthavong/ IUCN

    Reforestation activities in wetland


    On 24th to 27th September IUCN conducted field investigations at the Xe Champhone Ramsar wetlands in Champhone District, Savannakhet Province. The aim of the investigations was to assess priorities to improve watershed management through landscape restoration...

  • training, cliamte change, village, southeast asia Opening remarks by head technical advisor from the Provincial Office of Natural Resources and Environment. Pakse. Photo: ©IUCN/ Muniyat Haque

    Training communities on climate adaptation in wetlands


    On 2 October, and 4 to 5 October, IUCN Lao PDR facilitated trainings in the Xe Champhone wetland in Savannakhet Province and Bueng Kiat Ngong (BKN) wetland in Champasak Province, respectively. Both the wetlands are Ramsar sites and these trainings are a part...

  • climate change, present, training Presenting on climate change issues in BKN Ramsar site. Photo: © IUCN/ Muniyat Haque

    Training local government staff and communities on climate change adaptation


    On 28 and29 May, and 9 and10 August, IUCN Lao PDR facilitated trainings in the Xe Champhone Ramsar Site in Savannakhet Province and Bueng Kiat Ngong (BKN) Ramsar Site in Champasak Province, respectively. The aim of the trainings was to educate local...

  • The Nam Ou 2 Hydropower Project dam was constructed in Lao Photo: The Nam Ou 2 Hydropower Project dam in Lao LightRocket/Getty Images/Nikkei Asia Review

    Rethink plans to dam Mekong after Laos disaster


    Barrage collapse highlights risks and need for alternative energy sources - The collapse of the Xe-Pian Xe-Namnoy dam after heavy rains last month that killed more than 30 in Laos and left thousands of Lao and Cambodian people homeless is reigniting an...

  • turtle, biodiversity, wetland Heosemys grandis (Giant Asian Pond turtle) Photo: © IUCN

    Assessing Turtles in Ramsar Sites in Lao PDR


    In June, IUCN Lao PDR assessed turtle populations in the Xe Champhone Ramsar site in southern Lao PDR. They studied several threatened turtle species, and plan to continue the work at the Beung Kiat Ngong Ramsar Site in the coming months.

  • biodiversity, meeting Meeting before macaque population survey. Photo: © IUCN

    Studying Rhesus Macaque in Savannakhet Wetland in Lao PDR


    Since May 2018, IUCN has been studying the rhesus macaque population in Savannakhet province’s Monkey Forest (Dong Ling) as well as the extent of conflicts, particularly crop raiding, between macaque monkeys and local the communities. The monkey forest is...

  • wetlands, ramsar, asia, laos, assessment Participants of Workshop Photo: © IUCN

    Workshop uses Ramsar Management Effectiveness Tracking Tool (R-METT) to assess site in Lao PDR


    From April 24 to April 27 IUCN Lao PDR facilitated a workshop in Beung Kiat Ngong (BKN) wetlands in Pathoumphone District, Champasak Province. The aim of the workshop was to implement the Ramsar Management Effectiveness Tracking Tool (R-METT), which assesses...

  • biodiversity Students attending the workshop on biodiversity organized by IUCN. Photo: © IUCN/ Bounthang Singhaphan

    Ecosystem education for kids in Lao PDR


    On 3 May, IUCN Lao PDR organised an event in Nakai district, Khammouan province, where the Phou Hin Poun National Protected Area (NPA) is located. The event, which aimed to bring awareness to local communities about the importance and benefits of conservation...

  • training Training attendees, before patrol exercise  Photo: @ IUCN

    Patrol teams trained to defend Lao PDR’s protected areas


    Since February 2018, IUCN has been working with local communities and government officials to extensively train patrol teams in three parts of Khammouan Province, in and around the Phou Hin Poun National Protected Area (NPA).

  • two actors - one in a dolphin costume, and one in a fishing boat set piece -- act out a play Magic Performance by Mayahahey, a youth Laos group which highlighted the issue of women exclusion from the natural resources management decision-making processes Photo: © Oxfam

    Importance of gender equity in safeguarding water resources highlighted at recent regional forum


    IUCN’s BRIDGE programme and the Oxfam Inclusion Project, in collaboration with the Lao Women’s Union, facilitated a regional forum on gender equity and women’s leadership in transboundary water governance from 13 to 15 September in Vientiane, Lao PDR. The...


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