Less than 3% of the global ocean is free from human pressure. Conserving marine resources for the benefit of all is key to IUCN’s Nature 2030 Programme.


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Ocean warming, ocean acidification, ocean deoxygenation, overfishing and pollution are causing long-term harm to marine life, and the people who depend upon it. Poorly regulated sea-bed mining could further damage marine ecosystems. Without reform, the situation is set to worsen with profound impacts for humanity, life in the oceans and global weather systems.

Our Ambition

By 2030, a healthy ocean supports nature and people, governed by strengthened national and international legal frameworks and sustainable investments that retain and restore ocean and coastal biodiversity and associated services for future generations.

Impact Targets

The loss of marine species and decline of marine ecosystem integrity is halted, and restoration initiated.


Uses of marine natural resources generate overall positive biodiversity outcomes and sustain livelihood benefits for coastal communities.


Ocean and coastal processes are maintained as a key foundation for planetary stability.


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