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New challenges, new approaches, new players

January 2011

The latest issue of World Conservation magazine takes stock of the Convention on Biological Diversity conference that took place in Japan last October where governments approved a ‘Big Plan’ for saving biodiversity and looks ahead to what’s in store for conservation in the coming years.

We cover some of the latest thinking and new approaches that might be used and hear prominent figures outline what they see as the greatest priority for saving biodiversity. Which new partners will become engaged in conservation? What progress will be made in curbing burgeoning levels of wildlife trade? What future for the oceans?

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In this issue

Your space
  • The 100 billion dollar question
The turning tide
  • Welcome to the first issue of World Conservation in a new decade
A new idealism
  • We need to unplug from virtual reality and reconnect with nature if we have a chance to save biodiversity, says Jeffrey A. McNeely
Getting tough on trade
  • Richard Thomas describes the armoury of tools needed to tackle escalating levels of wildlife trade
Staying power
  • David Huberman examines the rapid rise of the Green Economy concept
There’s no going back
  • Sue Mainka on why conservationists may need to rethink their priorities
An easy win
  • Don’t ignore the cost-effective solution that protected areas offer in tackling climate change and saving biodiversity, says Ernesto Enkerlin-Hoeflich
Feel the love
  • Less of the doom and gloom, let’s be more positive in our communications efforts, says Laurie Bennett
Talking heads
  • Leading figures outline their priorities for saving the natural world
Where there’s hope…
  • An interview with Sylvia Earle on how to reverse the fate of the oceans
Bring it on!
  • Emerging challenges of the next decade and what IUCN is doing to address them
Let’s get our act together
  • Jan McAlpine explains what’s needed to overcome the hurdles facing forest conservation
New players
  • A snapshot of some of IUCN’s emerging work with new and diverse partners
Off the shelf
  • A selection of IUCN’s latest publications


About World Conservation magazine

World Conservation examines conservation, development, economics and society in the 21st century. It is a voice for IUCN’s member organizations, Commissions, staff, partners and friends: a place to air a wide variety of views, controversial or consensual, and to stimulate debate. Published twice a year in English, French and Spanish, World Conservation is read by a wide variety of people from university lecturers to conservation practitioners. Our readership includes key figures in conservation and sustainable development, in both government and non governmental arenas, business leaders and UN agencies.